03: Growth links for June 03

Android 12, GDPR, pretty financial models, Youtube, think smaller

Hey everyone,

Back from a brief hiatus and ready to pick up the weekly cadence of these emails.

This week’s growth links:

  1. Hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS 14.5 AppTrackingTransparency rollout, Google announced they’ll be introducing privacy features in Android 12 this year that’ll allow users to opt out of ads personalization.

  2. GDPR compliance can be a huge buzzkill when you’re configuring Google Tag Manager. (Reminder: if you have website/app users in the EU, even if you’re not based there, these rules apply to you.) Fortunately, Google released some new consent management tools for GTM. Simo Ahava has a super-helpful deep dive.

  3. Causal is my new very favourite thing. If you’re building any kind of interactive model — forecasting user growth, financials, etc. — it absolutely demolishes Sheets & Excel.

  4. You’ll find tons of gems in Shishir Mehrotra’s Rituals for Hypergrowth, which summarizes tactics used (and lessons learned) scaling up Youtube from 2008-2014.

  5. This tweet from Benedict Evans says it all:

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